Tips for Effective Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The 2016 holiday season is rapidly approaching and if you are a retailer without a holiday marketing campaign strategy, you need to create one quickly!  Here are some tips to help you help you edge out the competition and boost profitability. Start Now (You’re Late) One of the vital factors to running a successful marketing[…]

Why Email Marketing Campaigns Are Highly Effective

Many people think, and will tell you, that email marketing campaigns are behind the times and useless. This is simply not true.  Email marketing campaigns are actually still one of the strongest marketing techniques in use. Those who use email marketing campaigns effectively know the “secrets.” It’s Personal A lot of people believe social media[…]

Ten Statistics About Blogging

Blogging is still, and will continue to be, a key tool in getting traffic to your website. The blogosphere is rapidly changing and, as the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new,” is something every blogger should take very seriously.  We are over three-quarters through 2016 and here are ten statistics about[…]

How Marketing is Evolving

Some estimates state that twenty years ago, there were some 10,000 websites, and only two million computers connected to the internet. Marketing mostly focused on direct mail, TV ads, and press campaigns. While you still have to be able to write well enough to get your point across, and while a picture still says a[…]

How to Set Expectations With New Clients

So much time and effort goes into business development and gaining new clients…why throw that away with false expectations coming from both parties? Setting and managing expectations is one of the most important aspects of developing a healthy relationship with clients. That brings us to this question: How do you manage your clients’ expectations while[…]