The Good Old Days: 4 Pre-Internet Marketing Strategies You Can Still Use

In recent years, companies have become super focused on internet marketing strategies. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and ads on pretty much every website, the internet is a good way for a company to market itself. While the internet is great, it is still important to add some pre-internet marketing strategies to your company plan.[…]

ghost blogger

5 Benefits of Hiring a Ghost Blogger for Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is highly essential for any business, whether it is for an online store or a physical store. One of the ways, you can stay ahead of the competition is to build a dynamic website and add a creative blog that you frequently update. When your digital content remains current and relevant, your business[…]

White label blogging

Benefits of White Label Content

Marketing agencies are turning to white label content now more than ever. This is mainly because inbound and content marketing are becoming increasingly popular. With online content being so important, white label blogging is becoming the clear choice to increase profits and save money. What Is White Label Blogging? White label content is content that[…]

How White Label Blogging Can Help You and Your Clients

The term “white label” is becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are turning to white label services when it comes to running websites and blogs.  So, what is white label blogging? White label blogging is when a blogger removes their name from the post and adds the client’s name. With white label blogging, you[…]

How Many SEO Keywords do I Need for my SEO?

Search engines have specific algorithms that they use to pick up words and match them with an organic search. For instance, if someone is searching for a “lawyer,” depending on what type of practice you have, you will want to find all those SEO keywords and key phrases that an internet user would likely use[…]

Marketing Blog Tips: Set the Tone With Your Marketing Blog

Many marketing blog tips only focus on the “how” of writing individual posts, like how you draw in readers, choose relevant topics, or keep your readers reading. However, for today we’re going to talk about something broader: your tone, which is different from style and encompasses things like sentence construction and grammar. Instead, tone focuses[…]