COVID-19 marketing

How Does COVID-19 Change Your Online Marketing?

In light of COVID-19, online marketing looks a bit different these days. As a marketer, you’ve likely noticed that nearly everything gets filtered through the COVID-19 lens. After all, the virus has changed virtually everything about our lives. Marketing is no different. What does this new focus mean for your marketing efforts? Here’s what you[…]


Why Blogging is Here to Stay

If you haven’t been blogging to drive traffic to your business interests, you’re missing out. Blogging for marketing is a trend that matters. Here are a few reasons to consider blogging for marketing purposes. Blogging by the Numbers According to the editorial team at Quora Creative: Content marketing blogs will be worth about $400 billion[…]

how to blog

How to Blog for Complex Businesses

Blogging is quickly becoming the most valuable tool in digital marketing. Indeed, blogs provide businesses with the perfect method to directly hit their targeted audience. Using methods like SEO, you can better understand and reach the desired audience. If you are interested in learning how to better utilize blogs for yourself, there are a few things[…]

digital marketing

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Serving Your Clients Well?

Setting up a digital marketing plan is not a one-time task. In fact, you need to routinely check up on it to stay up-to-date on new trends, data, and customer feedback. When you encourage your customers to share their opinions, you also benefit from it. You build reliability and can generate user-friendly content and, in[…]