About Us

We blog for your clients, so you don’t have to. Learn more about us!

Who are we? We are Quill, and we are your team of writers.

The thing is, not everyone enjoys writing. In fact, some people hate it. The good news is that we do love it. We are realists, though, and we know that good writing doesn’t just happen. Between researching, forming fresh ideas, finding just the right words, and revision, there’s little time left for what you love: designing insanely great websites for your customers.

Drowning in bottomless blogging? Not anymore. Wouldn’t you rather focus on what you love and leave the writing to us?

We are Quill, and we are content: readable, creative, engaging content.

Our entire team of experts strives to make a difference by eliminating your blogging frustrations and freeing you to run your business.

Finally, no more blogging limbo. No more writers’ block. No more waiting until tomorrow because you don’t want to blog today. No more frustrating SEO learning curves. That’s our job. We understand how to take you from obscurity to the top of Google rankings and put you right where you deserve to be: where you will be seen. People generally search through only the first pages that pop up when they search.

But guess what? With Quill as your team, that will be you, front and center, because when we blog, every word counts toward making you more visible. And isn’t that the purpose of having a website?

This is a content-driven world. You cannot afford to have marginal blog posts if you want results. Google responds to regular and fresh content, which is where we come in.

About Us

We are Quill, and we solve real problems in real time and work behind the scenes to put you in the spotlight. Growing your business through providing excellent content. We specialize in driving traffic to your website by producing fantastic, SEO rich, blog content.

Here’s how it works:

You create a killer website; we create killer content. It’s that easy. We boost your SEO numbers and drive web traffic to your website doorstep. There is no need to put someone on staff to write your blogs because we do that for you.

Our Team

We hire seasoned, US-based, degreed wordsmiths from across the country. Because our writers work remotely, they set their schedules and meet deadlines without the usual stress of in-house employment. Our authors and editors provide you with error-free material. How often have you clicked on a blog, only to find typos and sloppy wording? Well, not with Quill. We take pride in our work, so you can too.

We maintain a pool of SEO-savvy writers who are experts in their fields, adept in covering just about any topic you might need. And if you happen to come up with a subject that is esoteric enough that we don’t know much about it, we’ll still handle it by hiring a specialist just for you.

You simply let Quill Marketing match you with one of our talented writers to cover your blogging needs efficiently and economically. And the best part is that your clients never need to know that our writer isn’t on your staff. It’s all the advantages of having an in-house writing staff, with no overhead, no muss, no fuss, and no bother. And you – and your clients – are always in control, reviewing every post before it goes live.

So how much does all this ‌awesomeness cost?

Can you say “surprisingly affordable”? (We knew you could.) Choose a plan that fits your clients’ needs – and budget. Go with as few as five posts per month or as many as two posts per day.

Imagine turning a source of frustration into a cost-effective solution for your company. Your client’s traffic will explode, and you’ll look like a genius. Remember, happy clients are loyal clients, and since we white-label our service, you’ll get all the credit.

So what are you waiting for? Today is a great day to discover how easy and affordable a supportive blogging service can be. Learn more about us and our pricing here.

Quill Marketing. We blog for your clients, so you don’t have to.