4 Blog KPIs to Analyze

Blog KPIs can help your blog reach more clients.
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Managing a blog for your business can be stressful. Many elements are important to consider – not just content, but also blog KPIs. Of course, investing in a marketing company can make monitoring all of your blog elements much simpler. With the right team and tools from blogging professionals, your job as a business owner just got even easier. Quill Marketing can help with all your blogging needs, from creating reliable content to managing blog KPIs and more. Learn more by visiting our website today to see all we have to offer. Here are 4 blog KPIs that Quill Marketing can help you analyze today!

What Are Blog KPIs?

Before we look at the four most important blog KPIs to analyze, let’s make sure we understand what the term “KPI” means. Blog KPIs are key performance indicators for the content and overall interaction on your business’s blog and website. Blog KPIs are critical because they offer all the insights you need to know regarding how to shift your approach to make your blog perform optimally. Without these insights, your blog could be underperforming, costing you valuable time and money for no return. Quill Marketing can help you manage your blog KPIs seamlessly, helping your blog do more for your business.

Reach and Overall Blog Visits

The first KPI you want to keep an eye on is your overall reach. In other words, how many people are you making contact with through your blog? How many visitors do you receive per post? This is helpful because it gives you an idea of how helpful your content is to potential customers. It also showcases weaknesses in choices of keywords or targeted content. While it won’t show what you need to change exactly, it can put you on the right track to investigating ways to reach even more clients in the future.

Impressions Blog KPIs

Impressions can be defined as the number of times an advertisement or business-related image is shown to a potential viewer. While there are many different types of impressions, it’s easiest to think of them in terms of ads that reflect your business offerings. In other words, how many times are your blog viewers seeing advertisements for your product or services? Sharing content about your services or products is a great place to start, but is it enough to get clients interested in what you have to offer? Not always! Impressions can help boost clients’ interests in your business effectively, and the higher the impressions rate, the better! Tracking impressions is the best way to find ideas to boost low impressions rates.

Click-Through Rate

Building off of impressions, click-through rate (CTR) is the number of times your ad is clicked on versus the number of times it has been shown. You can use the equation clicks divided by impressions to receive your click-through rate analysis. This helps show how effective your ads are and lets you tweak them accordingly.

Social Shares Per Posts

In today’s social media-dominated world, social shares per post is a solid KPI to track. In general, blog KPIs show where your blog is strong and weak. Therefore, if you notice few social media shares per post, chances are you want to create more engaging and shareable content. You might also want to encourage social sharing directly in your post content or be more active on your social media platforms.

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