Pros and Cons for Blogging as Passive Income

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Photo by darkmoon1968 via Pixabay

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. And many people are making money off of them. If you are at all savvy with a computer, this could seem like an attractive lifestyle for you. Yes, there are perks to blogging as passive income. However, there are also cons. You may feel like you have something to say, but will you be able to continue to write on that topic? Blogs are easy to start, but can you create a site people will want to return to? If you are considering blogging as passive income, here are some pros and cons.




Easy Setup

For the most part, setting up a blog can be done fairly easily. If you invest a relatively small amount of time, you can have a blog up and running. Decide on servers, backgrounds, fonts, pictures, and content, and you’re ready to launch. There is a lot less initial startup and wait time with a blog than in other types of business. Because of this shortened startup time, you can build your blog and start earning money from it before another business idea can even get off the ground.

Regular Followers = Regular Income

Once you have created a devoted group of followers, you will be able to count on their coming back to your site time and time again. This will give you reliable income. And if those followers like what you are saying, they are sure to share it with their friends and family. That means an increase in your income as well. As long as you are writing good content, your faithful followers will continue to come back.




Requires Updates

To ensure that your followers keep coming back, you need to continue to produce quality content. Constantly updating your blog can become tiring. It can be a task that doesn’t show immediate results. You will have to constantly develop topics to write about and produce those pieces. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, it may become a monotonous chore.

Needs to be Enticing

Not only do you need to constantly post updates on your blog, it also needs to be enticing. You want your blog to make your key readers come back. That means choosing the right colors, fonts, backgrounds, pictures, and posting about the right topics. If you are writing quality content but your site isn’t encouraging readers to return, you’ll have a dip in followers. In the same way, if your website looks great but your content is subpar, you will have similar problems.

Blogging as passive income can be a great job for those that figure it out. You can make your own hours and write about what you are interested in. But it also requires you to figure out what your readers want visually and content-wise and produce it. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, good luck and happy blogging.