How to Get the Most From a Blog Ghostwriter

Blog Ghostwriter Photo by Kaylah Otto on Unsplash

Blog Ghostwriter Photo by Kaylah Otto on Unsplash

A blog ghostwriter is an excellent addition to any team. Having a professional writer lending their support for a digital or print blog helps raise the quality of written content, making your site more readable and informative. While many writers insist on a byline for their work, ghostwriters lend their work to your company’s collective voice and can make you sound like an office full of geniuses. Having ghostwriters on staff can be a tremendous asset. To get the most out of ghostwriters, there are a few things you can do.


Communicate Efficiently

Communicating your needs to your blog ghostwriter is the first step to a successful, productive relationship. The writer needs to know your expectations up front. You should communicate any deadlines and special needs before embarking on the partnership.


Discuss Tone, Diction, and Other Choices

Make sure your blog ghostwriter knows the appropriate tone and word choices for your business. If the tone doesn’t match the rest of your marketing material, it can seem jarring to the audience. Understanding tone up front will also mean less time in the edit cycle with the ghostwriter and more time creating great content.


Deadlines Matter

With many writers, having a clear deadline structure is essential. Understanding when the work should be submitted, and what steps are needed to complete the submission process, is a must for any writer. If there are extra steps, like photo submissions, these should also have clear deadlines.


Content Creation Flexibility

When it comes to your blog, some things are set in stone. However, to boost the content creation cycle, try allowing a little improvisation from your blog ghostwriter. Obviously, you should agree on content before starting. However, you also want to leave room for your writer to make slight variations to titles and content layout. If you trust the ghostwriter enough to produce content for your site, more than likely the minor changes they’d make to a title or article will help your content stand out. It also makes the ghostwriter feel good about their work.


Hiring a blog ghostwriter can help make or break your content game. Writers can step up the quality and flow of your content in many cases and help your company look great. Quill Marketing has several levels of assistance from a team of professional, dedicated ghostwriters. This team will help create content that’s industry-specific for your needs and help you shine.