How to Write a White Page

Running a small business can take a lot of time and effort. If you’re trying to gain traction and establish yourself and your company as professionals, it can help to use white page marketing techniques. White pages allow you to impart crucial knowledge about your chosen industry to website users. Not only does this help boost your SEO results for related searches, but it also bolsters confidence in your company for knowing what they’re talking about.

What is White Page Marketing?

A white page, in marketing terms, is a page or document on your website that contains industry-specific information. They tend to be longer and more detailed than regular website pages and can serve a variety of purposes. They bolster your SEO scores and online presence, showcase your knowledge about your work, and help you build connections with users and potential business partners. Examples of white page marketing include:

  • Market trends and analysis for products your company sells
  • In-depth guides about the services you offer and how clients/customers can use them
  • Industry-specific statistics or information

A white page on your website shows that you have the knowledge and expertise required to run your business.

How to Write for White Page Marketing

Writing up a white page for your website takes time and dedication. Because the page is meant to show off your knowledge and build credit within the professional community, extra care is needed to ensure it is perfect. Here are some tips for creating the best white page for your company.

Do the Research

You have to know what you’re talking about if you expect to build reliability and professionalism. Researching your topic extensively is key to perfecting a white page. Linking to other credible sources and quoting industry leaders will help bolster your page and improve your standing in the business world.

Plan and Outline

Making sure your white page looks and reads well will help you garner more interest. A cluttered or jarring design will turn viewers away, losing you important contacts. Before you start writing the page itself, take the time to outline it and plan the overall layout design. Finding a good balance between image and text will help you break up the dreaded text walls and avoid overstimulating the senses with too many graphics.

Build the Metadata

If you want your white page to do well in search engine results, don’t forget to spend some time building the metadata. Know which keywords you want to rank for. And be sure to include them in your headings, links, and page descriptions.

Hire a White Page Marketing Company

Creating a white page for your website can be very time-consuming – if you want it done right, that is. And that’s time taken away from other aspects of your business. At Quill Marketing, our goal is to help your business grow. We’ve mastered the art of white page marketing, and now you can reap the benefits. If you want to see your online presence boom and watch your business grow, send us an email at for more information.