Blogging or White Page Marketing: What’s the Difference?

All too often, blogging and white page marketing are thought of as the same thing. However, they actually are pretty different. Some businesses use one or the other, and some benefit from both.

What is the difference? Check out this guide for a comparison!


Blog posts are meant to be short and engaging. They are written about a topic that utilizes your keywords or are relevant to your business. The intent is to use your blog to be the expert for your topic. Blogs offer many benefits, like building relationships and boosting your SEO. You are the experts so share that with others!

When a blog post is written, it should be short and sweet. In most cases, a blog will be 1,000 words or less. There are some topics where it is fitting to have longer blogs, but typically keeping it short is preferred.

The style of a blog is simple and engages the audience. It has needed information but can be browsed through to get the information. Blogs are informal overall, making them reader-friendly.

A blog is usually going to be great for a few months to a year. They are updated pretty often with relevant articles. When a blog is written, they are posted in short paragraphs, with additions of headings and images to engage the reader.

White Page Marketing

When we look at white page marketing in comparison, we see some differences. White pages are often designed to be formal and informational. They are also used to establish you as the expert in the industry, or on a specific topic. They still benefit a business in search rankings and providing insight into a specific topic or niche.

The major differences between the two involve the word count, the writing style, and even how long the written work will last.

White page marketing is going to be very long. It’s detailed with researched information on the topic. Many white papers are more like 5,000 words, and sometimes even more.

When you compare the style, white papers have a professional and formal tone. Remember that this is designed to be an expert write-up on the topic. They are an in-depth exposure, rather than a quick reader-friendly browsing post.

This is doing to be far more similar to a research paper in terms of style.

Blogging vs. White Page Marketing

A business does not have to choose one of these over the other. White pages and blogging can both serve a strong purpose for SEO and establishing any business as the expert on the topic. That is the goal of both of these documents; they are just used in different ways.

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