How to Choose Keywords for Your Blog Posts


Blogging can be quite exciting and useful for brand messaging in the digital world. However, in all this excitement, you shouldn’t forget to apply effective SEO techniques. You should do some research and choose the right keywords for your blog posts. When you use the proper techniques, your content will show up in online searches, and your blog will have a high ranking as well.


A “keyword” is anything that clients are searching for on the internet. They could be phrases or questions. You must strategize so that your blog posts have the correct keywords to target the right audience. You can’t simply leave it to chance and hope that your blog posts will reach your target audience. Online tools can help with your research in the area of your expertise. For instance, the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool was created to help you with your digital content.

Research on Popular Questions

Clients usually search through asking questions when they are looking for a product or service. You can do a little research on popular questions related to your product or offering and figure out the right set of keywords to include in your blog posts. In addition, always keep your content high-quality and try to answer clients’ questions to satisfaction.

Look at SEO Trends

Even though SEO techniques are changing rapidly, keyword research is still an essential part of optimizing your digital content. You can also explore Google trends to check out historical data and figure out which keywords stay consistent and which ones you want to hone in on. Volumes of keywords will tell a story and give you a clue into what clients are seeking. It is also essential to do this periodically since trends can change over time.

Do Some Competitive Analysis

Before you can target any keyword, you need to figure out which keyword phrases are likely to bring in relevant traffic. One way to choose keywords is by doing some competitive analysis. By keeping an eye on competitors, you can stay ahead and strengthen your blog rankings. Don’t get into analysis paralysis; choose a few competitors to keep an eye on.

By simply following a few SEO techniques, you can build a trustworthy blog for your company. At Quill Marketing, we have a team of professional and experienced writers who are skilled in SEO techniques. If you need guidance for your digital content, contact us at Quill Marketing to learn more about our services.