What to Blog About: Blog Categories That Get Your Blog Attention

Blogging is a great marketing tool for any business. Even though it takes time to plan your blog posts up front, it also helps you stay on track. Before beginning, you want to brainstorm as many ideas as possible. Then, set deadlines for each blog post to keep your content consistent. So, what do you blog about? Choosing the best blog categories is about more than just coming up with ideas. You need to put sincere thought into your industry and what your readers want to know. Here are some ways to help you choose blog categories that get attention.

Blog categories photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Help Readers Solve a Problem

People like to read things and buy products that help them solve problems. Before blogging, you want to consider if there are any common issues in your industry, and can your product or service specifically help to solve it? On a broader scale, you can do more than peddle your specific products in your blog. For example, use your blog to position yourself as an expert in your field regarding common problems. Let your readers know that you have the knowledge and expertise to help. Choose blog categories and titles that grab the solution seeking attention of those surfing sites that pertain to your business.

Keyword Clues

Utilizing popular keywords in your industry, choose blog categories that deal with topics you know people are already searching. Make sure you appropriately saturate the blog with relevant keywords to allow readers to find your posts faster. By making a list of relevant keywords, you also create a fairly extensive list of blog post titles. This list will give you writing ideas for a long time to come.

Offer Inside Information

People want to be in the know. Blog categories such as life hacks and pro tips get a lot of traffic. Providing readers with inside information gives them solutions they might not realize they even need. Even better you help them solve everyday common problems they face. What information can you give, that relates specifically to your industry? You also want to pinpoint specific processes in your industry that customers find difficult to navigate. Then, lend your knowledge and guidance in a blog. When you figure this out, the results often translate into increased readership. 

Keep it Relevant

Stay laser focused in your niche and keep it relevant for your readers. Understanding your audience and what they like to read helps you turn your blog categories into readable posts. People like to read relevant and engaging information without distractions. Always communicate how your topic is relevant and why they need this information. Let relevancy guide you as you create thoughtful and informative blog posts.

Keeping up with a regular blog takes preparation and planning. Make sure you spin your wheels coming up with relevant, content rich blog categories that pique the interest of readers. Your blog can build a following and keep your business in a high visibility spot on the internet.