Why You Should Have Varied Voices on Your Blog

Whether you’re a veteran blogger or a newbie writing for the first time on your blog, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the importance of finding your unique “voice” in writing that sets your blog apart from others.  Quality content is the heart and soul of your site and utilizing varied voices throughout your posts can have some great benefits.  Here are a few tips for incorporating assorted voices throughout your blog.

Your blog Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Varied Voices Equals Varied Tones

Most blogs focus on a specific theme or topic and varying the voices of your posts provides a key component for your readers: it shows you are human.  We read blogs because we want to relate to others, find an answer to a problem, or want to learn more about a topic.  Showing your readers that you can write with different tone appropriately creates trust between the reader and your site, creating loyal readership.  Blogging about how to deal with travel woes?  A humorous tone might go over well.  Blogging about buying a new car?  A practical and informative voice will get your message across.  Tailoring your voice to the central idea of your post is key for quality content on your blog.

Guest Blogging Promotes Collaboration

Including guest bloggers within your blog brings a different perspective and voice to your readers, capturing their interest.  Interested in writing on a topic that you feel you need more expertise?  Reaching out and having a guest blogger voice provide content provides your readers with quality content, but also creates a relationship between yourself and the guest blogger.  You never know when that blogger may need another voice on their blog and ask you for content, allowing you to showcase your stuff in front of a new audience.

Show Your Blog Range by Arguing Both Sides

When people search your site for an answer to a question, they most likely want to hear all of their options before they pick the answer best for them.   Including different points of view on a topic or alternative methods to complete a task allows provides your readers with options and ideas.  For example, if you’re writing a post about tools that improve your blog’s SEO, it’s smart to provide the benefits of the tools, but also provide any drawbacks the user may encounter as well.  This way when they take your advice, they will know what to expect and create a loyal readership for your blog.  Additionally, providing multiple points of view or both sides of the story can add content to your post, keeping readers on your site for longer which can boost SEO.

Incorporating different voices into your blog takes practice but can have big payoffs in the end.  Ultimately, you want to produce quality content and keep readers coming back to your site.  By varying the voices throughout your blog you cast a wider net in attracting readership and showcase your range as a writer.