How and Why to Add Interviews to Your Blog

When it comes to blog writing, variety can help improve your reach and attract a broader audience. For example, adding interviews to your blog helps strengthen your work. Some blogs need facts or a way to earn the reader’s trust. Obviously, if you are a blogger that writes about your opinion, this will not always apply to you. If you write about anything else, your work can easily sound foolish. When you add interviews to your blog, it helps it appear more professional. As a result, it helps capture readers that are looking for the blogs you are offering.

Add interviews to your blog

Photo by Tumisu at Pixabay

Why Add Interviews to Your Blog

There is one reason main reason to do an interview, that is to collect valuable information. An interview will provide a broad range of expert information or opinions. If you are blogging about your own services or products, then offering an expert opinion supports your ideas, and more importantly your products and services. Think of it as a health inspector giving a review of a restaurant. The gathered information can be used as a source or added in as a quote. Using it as a source gives you more of an opportunity to add an outbound link, which improves  SEO (search engine optimization). Additional support on the subject you are writing about only makes the blog stronger. The readers will be more likely to come back for more blogs, especially if your writing has great context and answered all the reader’s questions.

How to Add Interviews to Your Blog

Using an interview can make your work very choppy if not added the right way. There are many right ways to add an interview to your blog. Once you have gathered all your answers and information, you must decide how you would like to include it into your blog.  A successful way to add the information is to intertwine it throughout your blog. Doing this will allow you to support specific points and continue the flow. You may like to base an entire subheading paragraph off one section of the interview.

You cannot forget to give credit to whom it is due; you don’t want to plagiarize someone else’s work. The consequences could be steep. Try beginning with a nice introduction and some general facts about that interviewee. Helping your readers get to know who the interviewee is a great way create trust. If you are a blogger that chooses to write in a professional style such as MLA, APA, or Chicago style, make sure you understand the guidelines for adding interviews. There are many resources available to writers, and you can find many with a simple google search such as, “how to add an interview MLA style.” It will explain how to add interviews and anything else you need to know about writing in different styles.

Interviews are a wonderful tool that do not get the appreciation it deserves. It does not matter if you write professionally as your career or just to enjoy the fun of writing. As a writer, you want the ending results to be great. Even the perfect writers find ways to make their work better. The new year is here and time for those dreadful resolutions, try adding new things to your blogs like interviews.