How to Know When to Upload a Blog Post

When should you upload a blog post? You may think the obvious answer is, “When I’m done writing my blog post.” However, it is not that simple. You cannot write a blog post, upload it, and expect to get dozens of followers. Blogging and getting in front of your audience doesn’t work that way.

There is so much material available on the internet. Between Google searches, Facebook newsfeeds, and emails, your customers are inundated with content. They only have a limited amount of time in the day to review content. Even if your message is directly relevant to them and would save them time and money, they won’t see your post if it doesn’t get in front of them at the right time. It is wonderful if your customers seek out your content, but that doesn’t always work that way either. Even if your blog is one of their “go-to” blogs, over time, your customers will likely find new bloggers to follow.

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How Do Your Customers Find Your Blog Post?

So, when should you upload your blog post? There are several aspects to consider before answering this question. What time zone do most of your customers live in? Through which format do your customers consume your information? Do they search for you on the internet? Are they on your email list? Perhaps they read your post on Facebook through a link you posted there.

You must also determine the time or times of day that your customers log onto those formats. In the next few sections, we will discuss other considerations that must be given prior to determining when to upload a post.

Hot Topics

If you are writing about hot or trending topics, you cannot afford to wait. The rest of the strategies do not matter in this instance. When you are blogging about the newest electronic gadget coming out, you must beat the rest of the bloggers to the internet with your blog post. When you wait, your blog post will get lost under the rest of the blogging content in the world. People don’t want old news.

Ideal Customer Response

The next aspect that you need to consider is what you want your customers to do with your blog post. Do you want them to comment? Then posting your blog on Monday morning is not the best time. On Monday, most people are back for the first day of the work week after the weekend. They may only have a couple of minutes to scroll through their email, Facebook account, or look up their favorite blogs. Try posting on Saturday instead when people have more time to review content and make comments. Another example is if most of your clients are on the East Coast and you post during the middle of the night on the East Coast. Your information will get lost in the sea of internet blogs.


The last area to explore is analyzing the information from your website. When did most people view your blog posts? Where do your clients live? Focus your blog post upload times to those that fit your ideal client and eliminate those times that get the least interaction. Continue to monitor your results. If you start to see a slowdown, then tweak your times a little and keep monitoring for the best times for you and your ideal customer.

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The key to why businesses need to use blog posts is to increase exposure to potential new customers. Blogging allows a business to build that “know, like, trust” component. If you don’t get your message in front of your customer, someone else will.

Using web content to increase your exposure does not have to be complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you strategize the best plan for blog post management, contact Quill Marketing. We are an experienced industry leader. To get started with Quill Marketing, click here.