Why Every Business Needs White Page Blogging

white page blogging

White page blogging and marketing is all about becoming an authority on a specific topic. The purpose behind these approaches is to establish trust with your readers and clients and to determine your credibility in the field. It’s not your everyday laidback blogging approach, but it’s one that provides authority in the industry or even on a particular subject.

White Page Blogging Vs. Traditional Blogging

Blogging is blogging, right? Or is it? The truth is that not every type or style of blog is the same. When it comes to comparing different blogging styles, there are various aspects to be familiar with. Traditional blogging is primarily about providing a resource for people, but it’s generally casual and laidback in overall design. It might answer questions and provide useful information, but it also is slightly generic in nature.

In contrast, a white page blog discusses a specific problem or issue. It’s designed to represent a particular topic or industry and to provide a credible resource in that capacity. These blogs tend to be longer because they are providing an authoritative resource backed by research and data.

We also want to mention that white page blogging should not be confused with white papers. They are very similar, but a white paper is typically written as more of a research paper, while a blog isn’t quite as deep to dig through and is easier for the layperson to read.

Benefits of White Page Blogging

There are several useful benefits of combining the qualities of a blog with the qualities of a white paper. Here are a few.

Detailed Information Relatable to Readers

White papers can sometimes be a little overwhelming to read. Unless you are fully familiar with the topic or the industry, you have a lot of data and details to sift through. Reading a white paper blog provides a lot of the same detailed information, but offers in a more reader-friendly format.

Credibility as a Resource

Using white page blogging can help to make you appear more credible. You use reliable resources and answer the challenging questions about the topics. You have information that can be trusted and relied upon. People or businesses may begin to turn to your blog for answers.

Boost Searchability

Blogs are great for boosting your searchability. You can use a blog to optimize your SEO approach and make your company easier to find. Remember you’re answering useful questions and providing credible information. In the process of doing so, you will likely show up more in search engine results as well.

White Page Blogging Help

If you don’t know the first thing about blogging, that’s totally fine! There are many blogging experts out there who can help you establish your blog and produce quality articles for you. Quill Marketing offers blogging services, taking care of the blogging aspect so you can focus your attention on other business needs. Let us help you with your blogging needs, whether you need white page blogging or another resource.