Three Types of White Papers and How to Use Them

There was a time when white page marketing was all about having published white papers, but that is no longer the case. While developing white papers that provide overviews of products and services is still incredibly important, there are now even more ways to put white paper marketing to use. Thanks to technology and innovation, you have more options at your fingertips.

In this guide, we provide an overview of three common types of white papers, sharing insights for each one and even providing examples of when to use them. Keep reading to learn more!

Numbered Lists

Numbered lists are one of the top ways to get a message across and do it easily. A numbered list makes your data easy to follow and read, and the majority of readers want to be able to pick up your details with a quick browse – or at least hit the highlights.

Use this type of white paper when you are sharing something in numbers. For example, we could easily incorporate a numbered list here since we’re sharing “3 types of white papers.” Whether you’re writing an article or a blog, you can create a list with 5 resources for the guide, or any other number that fits.

Numbered lists help to bring your concepts together and simplify the information. Use the numbered list for a simple answer, and then break it out for more information!


Backgrounders are all about providing background to a product or service that you offer. For example, you might use a backgrounder if you want to explain how your marketing firm helps others. If you’re speaking about how a product or service works, this perfectly fits the backgrounder stage.

This is a great type of white paper to use when you have something technical and need to break it down. Your goal is to provide education for the reader that makes understanding this concept easy and informative.

Think of it as showcasing whatever you are focusing on. These articles typically provide data, studies, explanations, or supported claims for the concept of the article.

Problems and Solutions

Finally, the third white paper approach that is very common is the problem and solution approach. This speaks about a problem and provides specific insights into a solution. Here’s a great example: perhaps your business offers carpet cleaning. You might want to focus on the problem of handling tough stains. And then you are going to dive into the solutions for this problem. One of those solutions is likely going to be professional services.

The nice thing about problem and solution white papers is that they can hone in your solutions, but they also provide helpful insight for everyday needs. The information rarely becomes outdated.

Let Quill Marketing Help with Your White Page Marketing Needs

White page marketing looks different for every business. It requires an approach that is tailored to what you want to accomplish. Quill Marketing is here to help you find the approach that works for your needs. From blogging to articles and everything in between, we can help you create and incorporate a feasible strategy.

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