What Makes a Good Blogger?

Photo by Teresa Kluge on Unsplash

Photo by Teresa Kluge on Unsplash

There are literally millions of active blogs on the internet today, and you don’t have to look very far to find a whole host of them that just aren’t good. While there are several factors and approaches to being a blogger, here we’ve compiled a few basic tips that will help make you a better blogger.

Edit Your Content

Okay, we get it. This sounds simple and you may be wondering if you’re wasting your time reading on. But the reality is that a blog is oftentimes the front door for your online presence. When you post content that has grammatical errors or incorrect facts, it reduces your credibility. You know that your product or service is amazing and that people and companies would benefit from it, so why risk business on something that is so easily fixed?

At Quill, on top of a great blogging crew, we also have a couple of people who focus much of their time on editing every piece we put out for every company. Why do we do this? Because we believe it makes us better, and that it makes our bloggers better.


The next thing is simple, too, but when you read blogs on a regular basis you see how quickly things can go awry. When blogging, you have a limited amount of time to communicate your message, so bloggers need to stay focused and to the point. Don’t fill an article full of fluff just to hit a word count – just make your words count! Stick to the topic and focus on what will matter to your customers.

Add Value

Blogging is a part of your business where you get to add value for others but where you don’t often see the direct benefits in real time. However, what makes a good blogger is someone who adds value to the reader. Give tips or tricks of the trade. Make blogging a showcase for why someone should pick you for what you do. Experts in business from around the globe will tell you that when you add value to people’s lives, you will almost always get a return in the end.

Make a Plan

If you want to be a successful blogger or to make blogging work for your company, you need to make a plan. So many blogs fail because writers or companies fail to plan well. It may seem like you can just wake up one day and throw some text together with some killer keywords and the magic of the internet will do the rest. This rarely, if ever, works.

Instead, plan your blogging out on a calendar like you would any other aspect of your business. What are the things you need to communicate to your potential clients? How can you add value to those exploring your field? Are there specific dates coming up related to your products or services that could be boosted by leveraging your blog? These kinds of questions can help you establish a plan that will lead to successful blogging and get you the best results possible.

We said at the outset that these would be simple tips, and they are. Yet, getting the foundation right is always the most important part of building something great. Make sure you edit your content, focus your writing, add value for your readers, and make a plan that will guide your blogging into the future.

Oh, and good luck! We can’t wait to read the wonderful posts you’re about to write!