What is White Label SEO and Why Does My Business Need It?

A white label blogging strategy is a great way to help your clients grow their online presence.

White labeling is a term frequently used in the marketing world, but what exactly does it mean? You can think of white label blogging services as a “silent partner” helping your clients behind the scenes to improve SEO rankings and to create an increased online identity. It is vital that every business has a well-formed SEO strategy for their website in today’s digital age. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your web presence and push you higher up on the search engine results pages.

How Does White Label Blogging Work?

You’re probably wondering, how does this “white label silent partner” work? It’s quite simple. A white label company like Quill Marketing works with client-facing businesses to help improve SEO strategies. Blogs are written for your clients, appearing as if the writers are on your staff. Each writer takes a deep dive into your client’s website, ensuring that they understand every aspect of their business. In order to write knowledgeable and professional content, the writer researches your client’s industry to make sure the blogs are relevant. From the content to the tone and writing style, each blog post will sound like it was written by your client and will seamlessly fit into their website.

So why not just take on blogging yourself? After all, you already help your clients with so many other things. However, like most marketing consultants, web designers, brand specialists, etc., you are busy! You help your clients advertise, find new customers, and keep their website up to date. There’s no time left to produce high-quality blogs. Enter a white label blogging strategy company. We take the weight off your shoulders by providing blogs on a recurring basis. Our writers and editors ensure that every blog produced has excellent content that will help your clients improve their SEO.

White Label Blogging Strategy

Did you know that 61% of consumers made a purchase based on a blog recommendation? Many businesses avoid blogging and put it on the back burner as they feel it doesn’t truly move the needle. That philosophy couldn’t be further from the truth! Customers rely on blogs to become informed about products and services. Blogs are often one of the first things a customer will click on after a Google search. Each blog created by your white label partner will be designed to contain the best SEO strategies. Here are just a few things that are included in each blog:

  • Keywords
  • Images (including alt. image descriptions)
  • Headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • SEO curated title

Your white label partner will be an expert in SEO blogging techniques and helping your clients grow their web presence.

Do your clients need blogging services, but you don’t have the time or SEO knowledge? Have no fear – a white label blogging strategy partner is here! Quill Marketing writes high-quality, professional blogs that use best practice SEO strategies. These blogs are well written and match in tone and style to everything else on your client’s site. Providing your clients with blogs that increase their SEO is essential in today’s ultra-competitive online environment. For more information about partnering with a white label blogging company and how we can help your clients grow, contact Quill Marketing today.