The Value of a Guest Blogger

guest blogger photoBringing a guest blogger on board helps give your blog a boost. Not only will they share their own insights with your audience, but they also introduce their own audience to your blog. Bringing guest bloggers in also gives you a chance to build a relationship that will result in more guest blogs moving forward. From a purely numerical point of view, there are plenty of SEO benefits for bringing a guest blogger on board. If you have an established blog, now is the time to think of adding guest bloggers to it.

A Guest Blogger Adds Audience

Guest bloggers add eyes to your blog by bringing their audience with them. When someone posts a blog post to someone else’s blog, they promote it on their own. They mention it and link to it on their social media. They try to get their followers involved. This is because more hits are better for both of you. It shows that their posts are valuable, so that you’ll ask them back. It also helps you by introducing a whole pool of people right to your blog. Since you should only be allowing guest posts from people whose target audience matches or compliments yours, there’s a chance that part of their audience will stick around for you.

A Guest Blogger Adds Value to Your Blog

When you select a guest blogger to post on your site, you should make sure that they’re the kind of person people want to hear from. Sometimes this means selecting someone who works in the same field as you do, but offers different services. You don’t want your clients to migrate to someone new!

On the other hand, you could bring in someone who works in a tangentially related field, whose expertise in their field would be a bonus for your readers. For example, let’s say you run a popular book review blog. You probably wouldn’t get much from another reviewer who reads the same books that you do. You could invite someone who only reviews fantasy novels to write a post on what the fantasy genre can contribute to the genre you review, however. Also, you could get a lot of attention by bringing in someone who works with a publishing company to share insight into how authors get published. That’s a topic sure to be interesting to your readers!

Build Relationships and Return the Favor

You should be highly selective about guest bloggers on your site because you want to find the best places to guest blog yourself. Putting your articles on someone else’s blog can be risky, but it can also help you get your message out. It’s much easier to arrange a quid pro quo exchange of guest blogs than it is to get someone to let your guest blog on their site with nothing in return.

SEO Benefits Abound

A new writer will add value to your blog. They could also cover a topic you don’t write about yourself, allowing you to rank for keywords not previously considered. Inbound and outbound links can also boost your SEO score. Greater site traffic will also help bring your blog up in the rankings. It’s a slow process, but regular, curated guest blogs could help your site a lot.

Boosting your blog profile is important. Whether your blog is established or just getting started, there are many benefits of inviting guest bloggers onto your site. Guest bloggers are a great way to raise the profile of your website. Moreover, they bring their own insights and their own followers. You may even get a chance to guest blog in return.