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Don’t Let Grammar Drag Your Blog Down

When it comes to blogging, drawing traffic is the main the goal of most writers. The hope is that friends and family members will read and spread your blog in order to increase traffic to your blog. Whether you’re running a lighthearted blog about children or a serious blog regarding legal matters, grammar is a critical player[…]

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How Proper Grammar Can Make You a Better Blogger

No one really likes grammar, but we all need it. Bloggers depend on it to make clear points and demonstrate their blogs’ level of professionalism. Proper grammar isn’t just a frustrating burden, however. Improving your grammar as a blogger can improve not only your sentence structure, but your overall blogging skills. Grammar, Reliability, and Professionalism[…]

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10 Grammar Rules To Follow When Writing Blog Posts

Blogging gives writers the freedom that different mediums might not. With the evolution of the internet it is accessible to most. Blogging requires the basics of knowing how to write and how to create direct content with your ideas. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that other areas suffer; for example, the use of correct grammar. Blogging[…]