5 Steps to Creating Your Online Content with SEO


Publishing great content is a critical part of growing and engaging with an audience. Businesses use blogs, newsletters, social media posts, and other forms of content to drive traffic to their sites and increase sales. Content tells a company’s story and builds a brand presence with customers. Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps companies create online content that will rank better in search results. SEO is a critical part of publishing content to make sure as many people as possible have access to your articles, posts, and news. Here are five simple steps you can use to create great online content with SEO.

1. Targeted SEO Keywords

Search results often center heavily around keywords. Marketers and business owners can view data on keywords and how often they’re searched for. They can see what kind of person searches for certain words. This is a great way to focus on specific demographics that are likely to purchase or view your products and services. Finding the right SEO keyword strategy takes work, but has a huge payoff when done correctly.

2. Third-Party SEO Tools

There are many third-party tools and companies that can help companies in their SEO efforts. There are browser extensions and paid platforms that scan written text to make sure writers are avoiding things like passive voice and other formatting issues. They check to see if the keywords are being used frequently enough and encourage proper article length and linking to other articles. All of these checks help content rank higher in search results.

3. Publish Regularly

Putting out good online content regularly is one of the best SEO steps companies can follow. Frequent content helps drive search results and keeps your audience engaged. Making good content takes time, so if you’re too busy, find a writing service that can write and publish branded content for you.

4. Follow the Money

Every marketing manager and company owner should stay informed of what their competition is doing. Look at successful competitors and see what they’re doing with content. You can then pattern your SEO efforts in a similar way. Look at how often they’re publishing, what platforms they’re on, and try to track what keywords they’re using.

5. Have a Polished Website

Generating fantastic content isn’t going to do much if the endpoint for web traffic is a shoddy website that’s hard to navigate. Make sure your SEO efforts motivate people to click into your site or product, and that where they’re going is a polished product. Your website needs to work smoothly with a good design to keep customers there and make them comfortable spending money.

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