What Separates the Good Bloggers from the Great Ones?

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Photo by Ben Kolde – https://unsplash.com/photos/FaPxZ88yZrw

With so many bloggers on the Internet, it is important to understand best blogging practices to stand out. It is no longer enough to just be a good blogger. To make your company or brand stand out, you need to be a great blogger! At Quill Marketing, we provide professional blogging services to give our clients a high-quality blog that will drive their business. Read on for four things a great blogger does for their clients.

Knowledge of SEO

A great blogger has knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The blogger understands which keywords are important to driving business and uses those words in a certain way throughout the blog. It is essential to include the keyword in the title, introductory paragraph, subheadings, the meta description, and the alternate image description. Knowledge of best SEO practices will help your blog and website have a better chance of showing up when people search these keywords that are related to your business. All great bloggers understand the SEO is a crucial part of any blog.

Conversational Tone

Great bloggers understand that the tone of the blog is critical to draw in readers. If a reader skims over the first paragraph of the blog and finds it boring, they probably are not going to read the rest of it. A blog should be well written, grammatically correct, and have a conversational tone. A great blogger will be able to juggle the balance of sounding conversational yet professional at the same time.

Writes Within the Ideal Length

Nobody wants to read a blog that is five pages long. Every great blogger knows that keeping their blog 400-600 words is usually the sweet spot for keeping readers engaged. If it’s any longer, the reader might leave the page after reading a few paragraphs. Sometimes readers get intimidated by a lengthy blog and won’t even begin to read it at all. Keeping the blog within that 400-600-word range is a good rule to follow.

Engages the Reader

A great blogger engages their reader. Their title and introduction are so compelling that the reader will want to keep reading. The writing is clear and uses exciting buzzwords. Pictures and other forms of media should be added to draw in readers. By the end, when the reader reaches the call of action, they are ready to engage with your company and hopefully buy your products or use your services.

While most companies have blogs, great bloggers are hard to find. At Quill Marketing, we will provide your company with professional blogging services led by a blogger who has expert SEO knowledge and who writes engaging blogs with appropriate tone and length. For more information about how we can help your company, contact us today.