Marketing Strategies for the Digital Age

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Marketing Strategies

In the digital age, consumers find themselves bombarded with information. To make sure your message reaches them, you need unique marketing strategies. According to Forbes magazine, there are three metrics necessary for incorporating clear business objectives into digital marketing: awareness, sales, and advocacy. If your company is considering expanding your marketing campaigns in the digital era, then you need to know a few specific techniques that can extend your reach to the next level.

Data Is Your Friend

Data collection is one of the most beneficial aspects of technology in business today. Reading and understanding data on consumer behavior can help you predict your marketing effectiveness. Best of all, analysts can generate reports quickly. Monitoring website analytics, such as high traffic times, or traffic response to various marketing campaigns, can provide insight into the needs and wants of your audience. Data on consumer behavior and engagement can also be beneficial to help you decide what is not working or effective for generating sales and business.

Determine and Engage Your Audience

Determining how to reach your audience best is just one key to driving business growth. For example, ascertaining how your clients or consumers prefer to receive communication is helpful knowledge. Does an email newsletter grasp attention? Likewise, does posting ads on social media help drive traffic and sales? Trial and error to engage your audience is an integral part of marketing. Consistent audience engagement is also useful.

Go Mobile

With the development of mobile technology, consumers can easily access information in the blink of an eye. Users can not only communicate using mobile phones but also make purchases. Having a website that is mobile friendly can be a major advantage in reaching consumers. Social media use on smartphones has skyrocketed, so utilizing advertising and communications on social media apps can help engagement.

Stick to Your Soap Box

One of the biggest marketing mistakes companies make when expanding into digital opportunities is trying to utilize a “one-stop shop” approach. For example, using the same content and wording in email campaigns and social media ads is repetitive. Repetitive content can then lose consumer attention. Additionally, making business objectives for digital marketing too broad can hurt the ability of a business to maintain a unique niche or service.

Digital marketing strategies vary in effectiveness, outreach, and labor but are crucial for maintaining communication with potential consumers. Quill Marketing has an experienced team of professionals that can help your business devise digital marketing strategies or create content for your brand. If you have an interest in working with our team, give us a call today at 214-697-8172.