Improve Your Press Releases with Three Easy Steps 


If your business needs to get the word out, a press release is a great way to spread the news. Whether it’s an event, a project, an important transaction, or even a promotion, a press release can help get you in front of the right audience. Hence, the effectiveness of your press releases directly influences their impact. 

Press releases can be hard to write, and not everyone understands their structure. This means creating a winning press release requires skill and expertise. Hence, many companies prefer to hire experts to write their press releases.

Here are three white label marketing tips you can use to improve your company’s press releases:

Use the Appropriate Release Language

One tricky part of writing press releases is their language. Press releases aim to be as direct as possible, so their tone should reflect this. 

Your press release must be free of filler language, opinionated content, conversational tones, passive voice, and unnecessarily long sentences. Aim for a concise PR, and you’ll see that you can often say the same thing with fewer words. 

Also, if your PR is ready for immediate publishing, use the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at the top. Otherwise, especially if you need to hold the press release for a certain period, use “HOLD RELEASE UNTIL” before the date.

This is essential because it highlights the time-sensitivity of your PR for journalists and readers, and it lets you control when it is released.

Ensure that Your Press Release is Recognizable

Branding is an essential part of digital marketing, because customers use it to recognize your brand. In the same way, proper branding can greatly improve your business’s press releases.

If a reader can’t recognize your brand right away, they may question its relevance. As a result, you are more likely to get better results when people can immediately recognize your business.

To ensure that your PR is more recognizable, use your business’s logos and colors in the headline.

Be SEO-Focused

To drive the best results, always optimize your company’s press releases for SEO, or search engine optimization. The headlines should include well-researched keywords, as these make it easier for the search engine to find and rank them. It also ensures that readers and journalists understand the subject of your PR.

When optimizing content for SEO, it is recommended to consult a reputable white label SEO service provider, as they understand the density and flow with which to use the keywords.

Ensure to use Title Case, meaning that all the words in your headline should be capitalized except for prepositions and words shorter than four letters. For the best results, keep your headline to fewer than 160 characters.

Reach Out for More White Label Marketing Tips

Press releases are a good avenue for a business to gain publicity. However, if done inappropriately, they can give readers a bad first impression of your business. These white label marketing tips will help improve your business’s press releases.

Learning to write killer press releases takes time and practice. Why not partner with a white label partner to help you write winning press releases? A partnership can help cut costs on digital marketing and improve your PR efforts.