How White Label Digital Marketing is Better for Your Brand

white label digital marketing

Do you know how white label digital marketing is better for your brand? In-person sales used to be just that: in-person—no frills except the personality that sold the machine or broom or whatever it was. A company, a product, and a person pounded the pavement, searching for the next door they knocked on to smile and let them in. 

Today, companies still knock on the consumer’s door – except they do it digitally; it’s called the internet. 

White Label Digital Marketing

If you’re wondering what white labeling is all about, you could ask the good folks at Quill. Or, look at the cup that’s holding your coffee. You drove through a fast-food restaurant on your way to work for coffee to go. That cup that holds your caffeine has a label on it, representing the company where you bought the coffee.

If it’s a famous restaurant, let’s presume there are millions of cups of coffee out in the universe with the company logo. 

It’s common knowledge that the restaurant didn’t make all those cups and stamp them with their logo. How could they possibly? 

They farm out the job, then order the cups, then sell the coffee, and their logo is out the door, where countless people see it. 

The more often the logo is seen, the more the company is recognized as a brand. The more people recognize the brand, the greater the sales.

How is white label digital marketing better for your brand? Think of it this way; it’s like having a team of marketers who have the time, creativity, and expertise you and your team may not have. 

Can’t do it in-house? Send it out. That’s where you’ll find the skills you need to move your product. How far could you carry it if you had to do all the heavy lifting? It’s like raising your hand and yelling, “Pick me!” The problem is, others are raising their hands too. How do you make them pick you?

Enter white label digital marketing. This is the team that gets it done.

But how is it better for your brand?

Minimize Employee Turnover

Most companies don’t operate with a population of one. It takes several people with different skills to move your product. From designing the product to making it, you can’t do it alone. It would help if you had a tribe.

Where the problem comes in is that the tribe expects a paycheck.

By the time you’ve received a pile of resumes, weeded out the unqualified, and interviewed the shortlist, you’ve lost valuable time you could have spent on other tasks.

Then there’s the onboarding. Your employee must review the policy and procedure manual. Finally, when the employee’s training is complete, look at your money. 

White label digital marketing can save you a bundle in employee salaries, paid vacation leave, and turnover.

White Label Services Saves Money on Experts

We all want to save money; that’s where a white label service comes in. Let’s do the math.

Web Developer: The median salary for this skill in 2020 was $77,200.

Consider the role of a web developer. In addition to implementing a website, they evaluate and select web applications and websites and ensure that it meets industry standards. 

Can you grow your business without a website? If you do, you are visible to countless customers. If you don’t, who’s going to know you exist?

Editor: The median salary for an editor in 2020 was $63,400.

An editor plans, coordinates, revises, or edits written material. If you wonder whether an editor is necessary, look around online. How many misspelled words and poorly completed sentences do you see? You can tell the difference between websites with professional editors and those who have someone who owes you a favor and does it for free. 

If you want your online presence to be professional, you must have someone with an eagle eye to spot the mistakes and fix them before unleashing them on an unsuspecting world. 

Customer Service

In 2021, $35,830 was the median income for customer service reps.

Who answers your emails? That’s who connects closely with your customers and drives sales. You can do all the marketing with PPC (pay per click), but without someone to establish a connection with the customer, you’re leaving sales to chance. Consider how time-consuming it is to respond to questions – do you have time to do it?

Writers: The median salary in 2020 was $67,120. 

Did you know that the thought of writing makes some people break out in hives? Some people would rather crawl through broken glass than write something, especially if it’s to be seen by others.

Can you save money with white label digital marketing? You bet you can!

One of the great things about white label services is that many people who provide the services do so without leaving their homes. 

Here’s the thing: the outdated marketing tactics no longer work if you want to grow your brand. Save yourself time and money by hiring white label marketing services. 

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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