How to Develop Social Media Presence

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

You want to develop social media presence, but are not quite sure how to do it. You post a few things periodically that are interesting to you. But after a few months, you get frustrated and give up, thinking that social media is not for you. But really, anyone can develop an effective social media presence with a little bit of work. Focus on having a quality plan, integrating platforms and engaging with your audience in order to help your social media presence grow.

Make a Quality Plan

The first step to develop social media presence is to develop a quality plan. Think about what you are trying to accomplish, which platforms your audience is using and which platforms support your content the best. When you are just beginning, pick only one or two platforms. Once you get social media savvy, add more. After you pick your platforms, take some time to build your knowledge of how it works and how to engage users.

Next, create a posting calendar and stick to it. It sounds rigid, but really a schedule will help you stay on top of your content and help you engage your audience. If you need help keeping the plan, post reminders by your desk so you will not forget. Or set a reminder on your phone to ding when it’s time to work on a post. Sometimes, social media growth is slow and frustrating. So stick to your schedule and stay in it for the long-term to build your social media presence.

Integrate Platforms

Intentionally integrate your social media accounts by linking content together. If you write a blog, maximize the exposure on other platforms. Tweet out a link, share a related photo on Instagram and post a quote on Facebook with a link to the blog. Just make sure that you use keywords that your customers are using for searches so that they can find you.

Share your accounts everywhere you can. Link icons in your email, personal website and even in other platform profiles. Share your links with anyone you know so that they know you have presence out there. You can even provide incentive for your clients to share your content and increase your exposure.

Engage with Everyone

Engage with anyone who posts on your social media pages. Let them know that you are human and respond to all comments on your posts. Be sure to respond quickly according to the platform. Twitter moves a whole lot faster than YouTube, so be sure to reply to comments in a way that makes sense for the platform.

Consider adding contests or games to engage your audience further. People love to compete and love to win! Start with a giveaway, a short trial or a coupon code to help your followers grow. Give the audience a reason to like your page and follow you. Just be careful not to over-do it so your page does not just become sales-y background noise.

In conclusion, when you are starting to develop social media presence, start with what you can handle. Plan your content by what you can realistically do and stick to it. Be sure to plan in time to engage with your audience and provide contests to keep them engaged. Above all, be sure to provide customer service above your followers’ expectations. These tips will help you effectively develop social media presence.