How Far in Advance Should I Plan My Blog?

Do you have a blog? Do you try and follow a blogging schedule? Blog scheduling can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. It can be hard to know how far in advance you should plan your blog in order to make it easy and concise. Here are some tips on how to plan and figure out how far in advance you should plan your blog.

Blog scheduling photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash

Photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash

Consider your own schedule

One key to blog scheduling is to consider your own schedule. Some bloggers have found that one of the best things to do when scheduling is to include a writing time. Scheduling a set amount of time that is set aside to write. If you don’t set aside time to write content for your blog, then you are more likely to let it fall away as you deal with more urgent and pressing matters. Establishing a routine like writing for an hour every morning or afternoon can make you a more consistent, efficient blogger.

Create an editorial schedule

Many bloggers have found that creating an editorial schedule makes it easier to maintain a blog schedule when you know what to write about.  An editorial schedule or calendar is a weekly or monthly outline of what content subscribers can expect to see from your blog. By planning out your blog in advance, it is easier to maintain your blog because when you sit down to write you will already have a pre-chosen topic in front of you.

Determine how often you should post

When blog scheduling, it’s important to consider both your publishing frequency and when you should publish new content. Publishing as frequently as possible is ideal, but may not be your blogging style. If you are a full-time blogger, then publishing one blog post or more per day is feasible. However, if blogging is a more of a side job, you may find that a less-frequent publishing schedule. Also, consider the right time of day to post. Posting at an ideal hour that fits the time of day that your subscribers are online will up your blog traffic.

Although it might seem tempting just to write and post whenever you feel the creative need, the data is in favor of following a blog schedule. Pay attention to the patterns that your subscribers provide you. See when they are online, what content they enjoy most, and what posts they comment and interact with. Blog scheduling is the best way to grow and build your blog. If you are a blogger or looking into starting a blog, try creating a schedule to bring your blog success.