How Does COVID-19 Change Your Online Marketing?

COVID-19 marketing

Image by Hank Williams from Pixabay

In light of COVID-19, online marketing looks a bit different these days. As a marketer, you’ve likely noticed that nearly everything gets filtered through the COVID-19 lens. After all, the virus has changed virtually everything about our lives. Marketing is no different. What does this new focus mean for your marketing efforts? Here’s what you should know about COVID-19 online marketing.

COVID-19 Online Marketing Means Planning Ahead

First, this situation requires some long-term planning. Of course, that’s easier said than done. This virus has brought so much uncertainty into the world that people hardly know what they’re going to eat for lunch, let alone how their lives will look in the future. Still, your online marketing efforts will need a long-term focus. Whether or not your business is open in some capacity, you’ll want to plan for the day when you can fully reopen again, and some of those plans should involve your online marketing efforts. What can you do with your marketing now that will impact how people interact with your business in the future?

Online Traffic Matters More

Scroll through any social media site and you’ll see people joking about all the time they spend online now. To be sure, virtually every smartphone owner spent plenty of time online before the virus took hold. It’s easy when you have internet access at your fingertips. However, the internet is even more important for our communication than it was before. When people can’t see friends in person, they go online. When it comes to COVID-19 online marketing, online traffic matters now more than ever.

Your Topics and Keywords May Shift

Like we said above, COVID-19 has impacted everything, and your COVID-19 online marketing should keep this fact in mind. People have a lot of questions about their everyday decisions now, including:

  • What does this mean in light of COVID-19?
  • Is this safe for me to do?
  • How will this impact how I deal with this virus?

As a result, your topics and keywords may have to change a bit so that you can meet your customers where they are. You may have to brainstorm for a while. Start by asking yourself what your product or service provides during this time of crisis or how it can help people immediately after the crisis ends.

Keep in mind, however, that you should avoid taking advantage of people’s anxieties. It’s a tough balance to maintain, but with plenty of forethought and the right marketing help, you can maintain it and toe the line gracefully.

COVID-19 Online Marketing

Online marketing is difficult enough under normal circumstances. Now that circumstances are far from normal, your day to day marketing tasks can seem especially overwhelming. Quill Marketing can help with that. Want to see how we can help you? Take a look at what we do.