Digital Marketing: Four Signs Your Website Is Outdated

When it comes to digital marketing, you know that a good first impression makes all the difference.  You need a website that is current and relevant to help improve your visitors’ experience with your company. However, if you have an outdated website, it may not give visitors the impression you desire. As a result, your customers may wind up taking their business to a competitor. Additionally, you may want to make sure your digital marketing techniques are up-to-date. Look for these four signs that could mean your site is outdated.

Old-Fashioned Design

If it is obvious to you that your website design is outdated, your visitors will notice too. This is one of the biggest signs that your website is outdated. It may be difficult to tell why your website looks outdated; you just have to pay attention to designs that might no longer be current. Furthermore, keep in mind that your website design should be updated every two to three years. If it has been longer than three years since you updated your design, this is a sign that it’s time for an update.

Old Content

The content of your website also contributes to whether it’s outdated. You should be keeping your content fresh. If your latest content is more than a few months old, it may need to be updated. Also, if your newest post was from several years ago, this is a definite sign that your website is outdated. Having current and up-to-date content can also help with your search engine optimization.

Search Rankings (SEO)

If your website has low search engine rankings, it’s time for an update. Your SEO techniques may be outdated or no longer used by popular search engines. Additionally, search engines are constantly updating and changing the way that websites are ranked. Technology changes so fast; the techniques you used in the past may not be popular today. It’s important to pay close attention to these changes to keep your site up-to-date. Furthermore, you can try using digital marketing techniques to improve your search engine rankings. Digital marketing will also make it easier for more visitors to find your site. Using these methods may help bring your site back up-to-date as well.

Mobile Access

If your website is not mobile-friendly, this could be one of the reasons why your site is outdated. You should choose a design that automatically adjusts to display content on any device. People spend a lot of time on their phones and tablets; you want to make sure that your website is easy for them to access. Having a mobile-friendly website can also improve a visitor’s impression of your business. Additionally, you want people to be able to access your website from any device, especially if you are using digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing will make it easier for potential visitors to find your site as well.


There are many ways to tell if your website is outdated. Make sure to pay attention to your design and how current your content is. Additionally, you want your search engine rankings to be up-to-date as well. This will make it easier for visitors to find your site and will potentially bring in more business for you and your company.