Four Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Business


Photo by Bao Tran on Unsplash

Photo by Bao Tran on Unsplash

Years ago, blogging and business were two ideas that didn’t occupy the same space, much less the same sentence. In today’s market, having a blog for your business is gold. A blog allows your business to connect with your customers.  Additionally, it gives your company a voice and provides a way for you to build a relationship with your consumer base without being face to face. Those are just a few reasons why blogging is an invaluable asset. Let’s take a look at a few more.

Blogging Helps Boost Website Traffic

More traffic usually equates to more customers. Most businesses launch a website with great expectations but often fall short of their goal. Outside of providing convenience, the next biggest objective is to attract new customers while maintaining the loyal base you already have. Blogging gives your business the ability to reach those new customers. How do the majority of shoppers find what they are looking for? They use a search engine, of course. Through Search Engine Optimizaton, also referred to as SEO, and content that provides expertise, your blog can be your greatest marketing tool.

Blogging Helps To Establish Brand Identity

As stated earlier, blogging gives your business a voice. Customers want to connect to a story. More importantly, they want to connect to your story. By sharing your “Behind The Scenes” process and your company’s values and philosophies, you are able to show your customers why your brand is one they can trust. When you understand that customers value an emotional connection with a brand, you realize that your blog is your handshake. It is the best way to draw your customers into an intimate space where they can get to know you and through their feedback, you can get to know them. Ultimately, providing valuable content will make you a reliable source of information and compel your readers to buy from you.

Two Words: Free PR

Having a blog allows your business to manage its own public relations. With a blog, you can build your own media presence and with proven expertise, even earn a feature in a respective industry publication.

Blogging Helps You Tap Into What Your Customers Like

When it comes to finding out what your customers want, blogging can prove to be an invaluable resource. It allows you to test out new marketing campaigns and introduce new products in a cost effective way. This exclusive presentation often drives customers to your site as it is understood that this information is not available anywhere else. When you utilize your blog for this purpose, you create the opportunity to learn what is important to your customers and what trends resonate with them.

Having a blog for your business is essential. Your customers want to hear from you and this is the perfect tool to accomplish that. With a blog, you can inspire, give insight and market your business uniquely.