5 Signs that Your Blog is High-Quality

Whether you choose to buy high-quality articles or write your own, you want to make sure they really are designed to stand out. They should be written well to engage readers and help improve your SEO. Blogs and articles serve a specific purpose, but they need to be good to work properly.

So how can you tell if your blogs are high-quality? Check out these 5 signs of a great blog!

1. Clear and Skimmable Details

Most people don’t read blog articles word for word. While some do, you should create an article that is good for both sides. That means you need to keep the details clear and easy to skim through. A reader should enjoy reading every word if they choose. However, a reader who prefers to skim should be able to do so easily. Try it out on your next blog article and see how it works!

2. You Will See Results

It does take some time to build a good following on a blog, but over time you will start to see results. The results could come in different ways, but there will be signs. Here are a few:

  • Increased website visitors
  • Increased page views
  • Increase in page views per visit
  • Increase in backlink visits to website

The blog should get more visitors and you will see those numbers clearly defined. However, you should also start to see increases in website traffic from people who use the blog links to go to your website.

3. Comments and Engagement

High-quality blogs are going to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to engage. Those who have an opinion, feedback, or just really appreciate the blogs are going to leave comments. Commenting and engaging with your blog is a good sign that it is a great blog article.

If you are getting comments, the majority of those commenters are paying attention. Chances are, they are reliable readers. Their comments may just help your blog gain popularity. People sharing your blog is also a good sign of engagement and good quality.

4. A Growing Community

Let’s take this one step beyond views and comments. What about people who subscribe to your blog? A perfect sign of a high-quality blog is readers who subscribe. This means that those readers highly value what you have to share, and they want to be aware of everything you post on the blog. These are your consistent readers, and a growing number of subscribers is a sign you’re doing something right.

5. Clearly Defined Article and Niche

When you start writing blog articles, they tend to be broad. You know your industry, but you’re trying to figure out just who your primary niche targets are. This will take some testing to discover what your readers like best. Pay attention to the types of articles that get the most traffic and engagement, and use this to help you clearly identify your niche.

You will still want to use a variety of topics, but centering them around the niche that you discover will be beneficial.

If you decide to buy high-quality articles, you should be able to see these signs with your writers’ results. Quill Marketing can help you with high-quality articles. Contact us today to learn more about your options!