Blogging Ideas for Your Business

Blogging is a great way for businesses to attract and maintain customers. Through engaging content and SEO, businesses can improve sales through their blog.

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Blogging is one of the best ways to put your business out there. Blogs should contain useful, interesting content that provides customers with information about your business. When writing a blog, it can be hard to know where to begin. Start by coming up with an engaging title and then pick a keyword that will promote your business within search engines. Read on for more blogging ideas for your business.


People love to read lists. Blogs that are in the form of lists are known as listicles. Any type of business can create a blog post listicle. For example, if you are a clothing business, create a listicle about the top five outfits for the summer season. A restaurant could write a listicle about their top three happy hour deals. A lawyer could write about four benefits to hiring an attorney after receiving a criminal charge. The options are endless! A listicle is a great way to draw in readers and give them advice that directly relates to the brand.

Engaging Title and Introduction

One of the most important aspects of a blog is an engaging title and introduction. As a business, you want to attract readers and keep them interested. If they think the first blog they read is engaging, they will most likely come back to read future blogs.

Call to Action

Each blog should contain a call to action. This is a statement near the end of your blog, in the conclusion paragraph, that encourages the reader to interact with your brand. It could be as simple as “Contact us for more information about our skincare products.” It could also lead customers directly to a page on your website by stating, “Follow this link for more information.” Each blog must end with a call to action.


SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is huge in the marketing world today.  The idea is that your website will improve its rank so that when customers search certain keywords, your site will pop up at the top of the list. SEO has many different moving parts but it is especially important in blog posts. Adding things like links, headings, repeated keywords, and alternate image pictures will help improve your SEO.

At Quill Marketing we know that blogging is not easy and this is where we can help. We provide your company with professionally written blogs that include listicles, engaging titles and introductions, calls to action, and SEO features. We work hard to help improve your brand and use blogging as a viable marketing strategy. For more information about us and how we can help you blog, contact Quill Marketing today.