A Complete Guide to White Label Marketing for 2022

White label marketing is a growing field that helps businesses on both ends thrive. At the core of it, white label marketing is a form of ghostwriting, only instead of one writer for one writer, it’s a whole company for a whole company. A white label marketing company will offer all kinds of marketing services (such as content writing, blogging, social media posting, SEO writing, etc.) to a company that wishes to sell these products to their clients but is unable to. This allows clients to reap the benefits of a full-service company without that company having to support a staff that can provide all the services. 

Why White Label Marketing Works

White label marketing has become so popular because of how well it works. For one company to offer all the services a client may need, they would have to be fully staffed with experts in each field of marketing. Not many companies can support staff like that, and it would make start-up companies especially vulnerable to failure. With white label marketing, however, one company can employ another company to provide those services under their brand and logo.

How White Label Marketing Works

Let’s take a more detailed look at the way white marketing label works.

Say you’re a freelance web designer. You make a decent amount of money designing websites for your clients, but you notice that their blogs and web content don’t search engine optimized. You know you could help them by offering these services, but you don’t have the time or the experience to do them justice. Instead of having your client hire a different company to do that work for them, you can use white label marketing. 

In this case, you would hire the company instead. You pass along all the information that the client has to this other company, and they’ll provide you with SEO content. You then stick your own logo and brand on it and return it to the client, receiving recognition for it. This helps your clients feel more comfortable with you. Instead of having to hire a handful of companies, they can just hire you for all their needs.

What White Label Marketing Companies Get From It

It may seem like a bit of a one-sided deal, but companies that offer white label marketing services actually get a lot from the deal as well. They may not get the surface-level recognition, but they get the behind-the-scenes recognition. These marketing companies are building their client list as well, it’s just that the clients are other companies and freelancers. What’s more, because the hiring companies already have the clients, white label marketing teams don’t have to spend the extra time tracking down leads and vying for attention on the freelancing marketplace. It truly is a win-win scenario.

White label marketing can seem confusing at first. To truly get a feel for it, you need to see it in action. Quill Marketing offers high-quality white label marketing services for you and your clients. Give us a call at 214.697.8172 or send an email at [email protected] to discover how a white label marketing company can help your company and clients grow.