5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Across Various Platforms


So, you’ve written a blog to promote your business. Now you need lots of people to read it. Making your blog accessible to the masses isn’t as difficult as you might think.

There are key ways to promote your blog to increase readers, web visitors, and your business’s bottom line. 

Share Your Blog on Social Media. 

Sharing your blog on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Twitter isn’t anything new. You may already be doing it. Promoting on social media is one of the best and easiest ways to promote content. 

You’ll need to take time to think through how you’re promoting, though. No one wants to see only promotional materials from the same business all the time. Create a social media calendar that charts out what posts you’ll be making and when. This will keep you accountable and promises diversity in your posting habits. 

Think of social media promotion as the long game. If you stick with it and think it through, it will pay off with readers and customers in the end. 

Build Links to Your Site. 

You know your content from the outside in. Now is the best time to build organic links.

If you want to increase the traffic to your blog and website, it’s critical to invest in link-building. If you’re working on a long-term SEO strategy, link-building is vital. 

Some of the most common ways to build links are: 

  • Link Requests – Ask a colleague to link back to your website. Find a business that’s compatible with yours and convince them that a link to your website would benefit you both. 
  • Content Links – This is likely one of the easiest and most common-sense ways to build links. Not only can you create articles with content links in mind, but you can also guest blog with a link in your author bio. 
  • Social Links – Don’t think about social links in terms of only utilizing or linking back to the platforms where you’re a member. Think about social links as blog comments (you should be commenting on other bloggers, too!), forum posting, and answering questions. 

There are also several different ways to build backlinks to your site. If you haven’t looked into that, we can help! 

Reimagine Existing Content. 

Think through your most well-read posts. Think about the posts that seemed to hit home with your audience. Then, consider all the ways you can reuse the information from that post in another format. 

Maybe you can turn a popular post into an infographic. Another possibility is posting a podcast or short YouTube video on the same subject. You could also rewrite the post to involve a call to action and encourage your audience to sign up for a giveaway or drawing, thereby becoming leads. 

It’s not reinventing the wheel. It’s just reimagining it! 

Utilize SEO Tools to Increase Traffic to Your Website. 

If you don’t have a healthy website, it’s likely your blog content won’t show up at the top of search engines. 

Consider an SEO tool to analyze your website performance. These tools can typically identify areas for improvement to ensure your website is operating at peak performance for both users and search engines! 

If this sounds daunting, Quill Marketing has SEO experts who can help show you how this works and what it means. 

Reach Out to Influencers. 

When this works and influencers are warm and receptive to promoting your blog, this is a real opportunity. When the influencer says no – it’s not fun at all. 

To increase your chances of getting a yes from an influencer:

  • Try to build a relationship first.
  • Promote their blogs or social media posts in your blog posts first.
  • Comment on their content or ask valuable questions on their site to establish a rapport.

Then, once you feel more comfortable, ask about promotion for yourself. 

Promoting your blog may feel like a daunting task. With some common sense, creative thinking, and a little sweat equity, you’ll see dividends. Contact us TODAY to help with the heavy lifting.