5 Ways to Engage Your Customers Through Blogs

engage your customers

Engaging your customers is the secret to building a brand and its base. One organic way to do this is by using blog write-ups that answer general questions or provide information on a service. Believe it or not, customers–potential and otherwise–will take the time to read up on what you have to offer, especially if they are in the immediate market for your type of services.

Integrated Links to Direct Customers

While you want a blog to expose your clientele base to specific themes, you need other places for them to go. After all, there are different levels of how much you engage your customers. Do you want a casual interaction or more of an impact that leads to better sales?

Clearly, you want the latter. Integrating links alongside reliable SEO strategies increases the overall power of the blog. Embedded links draw customers in, allowing them to find more information. Of course, each reader is subtly guided by the blog writer to find other blogs and contact information that was created in the past. This way, none of that will go to waste.

At Quill Marketing, our writers can create articles to match your current projects. Each link or backlink will provide the customers with more context. This helps initiate your clients into dense topics and procedures, should your services be somewhat complicated. We can craft blogs that don’t intimidate your clients.

Comment Sections

Easy communication works best between a client and their provider. You want them to know that reaching out is not a hassle. Providing a comment section linked to a blog means they can follow up on any questions they have after reading. This is especially good for engaging readers who have a short attention span. For example, they might want to get things moving, even if they haven’t thoroughly explored your site.

Special Promotions to Engage Your Customers

Special promotions are often delivered via email blasts, but embedding them in blogs is a great alternative. In many ways, this approach gets more results than an email. After all, clients might overlook a message, or it might go to their Junk folder. By embedding a promotional link in a blog, the client is there and ready to be exposed to it, versus attempting to draw a client in.

Keeping Content Fresh and Updated

Fresh content is integral for keeping customers’ attention spans and maintaining a reputation. The last thing you want is to look outdated in your industry. One way to do this is to constantly update older posts and links.

For example, an older blog might focus on the inner workings of your repair services. Meanwhile, a new innovation in the field is making headlines elsewhere. Quill Marketing can change up older works to fit in-demand needs, even if they might be short-lived trends. The goal is to engage customers when the opportunity presents itself.

Inventive SEO Words and Phrases  

SEO keywords and phrases are a proven way to make customers see what you want them to see. However, writers need to show innovation when it comes to common SEO verbiage. Obviously, you don’t want to alienate clients by using offbeat phrases. The trick is to keep up with trends and tap into your base’s needs.

Quill Marketing Engages Your Customers for You

At Quill Marketing, our blog experts use new and old tricks to engage your customers so you can serve them. We provide blogs that are easy to read while leaving the clients wanting more. Let us know what your business goals are and we can help shape your direction. Contact us for more information.