3 Ways to Advertise Your Blog

One of the biggest difficulties that blog writers face is attracting an audience. Your blog can stand out, but how will anyone know if they can’t see it? If you are new to blogging, chances are you have run into this issue. No need to worry – we’ll hook you up with 3 ways to advertise your blog.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most efficient and significant ways to advertise your blog. The reason is quite simple: everyone uses it. There’s no influence more powerful than word of mouth. Once your blog catches the attention of a reader, they will share it with others.

This is also a great way to build a community. Creating a fun and welcoming environment on your social media platforms will make the audiences want more. The connection you build will direct this audience to your blog.

Email Advertising

This next tip is building your email list. This is the best way to attract consistent traffic. When your audience begins to subscribe to your blog, you can send them periodic newsletters that will keep them coming back.

Your frequent visitors will start to share your blog the more they interact with it. There are a few ways to keep these readers hooked. The first is sending your emails at the right time. 10 a.m is a great time of the day to send out newsletters, because this is when most people are checking their inbox.

The last is notifying your subscribers whenever you launch your new posts. It’s a pretty simple step, but it helps a lot with drawing your audience back in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This method offers a more indirect approach to advertising your blog. Instead of reaching out to readers, the readers are finding you. SEO is the best way to make your blog searchable.

SEO basically uses keywords to boost your blog’s traffic. These certain words or phrases determine which readers you are bringing in and where your blog shows up on search engines. Doing keyword research based on your niche or company will help you to identify high-ranking terms to use in your content.

Quill Marketing: Making Blog Advertisement Easier

Now that you’ve learned three great ways to advertise your blog, it’s time to consider working with a team to boost your interactions. Quill Marketing is a blog writing service that’s staffed with expert writers who are eager to help your blog. We do our best to plan, write, and deliver quality work to our clients using SEO to turn organic traffic into a subscribing audience. Contact us today for more information!