Four Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Business

Years ago, blogging and business were two ideas that didn’t occupy the same space, much less the same sentence. In today’s market, having a blog for your business is gold. A blog allows your business to connect with your customers.  Additionally, it gives your company a voice and provides a way for you to build a relationship[…]

Top Grammar Mistakes

In this day and age, web content and blog writing are more popular than ever. Whether you’re googling how to change a tire or what’s the best breed of cat for an apartment, there are bound to be hundreds of articles written on the subject.  When you write one of these thought-provoking articles, you want to[…]

3 Signs You’re Ready for Business Expansion

  For small businesses, knowing when they are ready for business expansion is crucial. Trying to expand too soon can spell disaster, especially for a smaller company. Waiting too long means lost revenue, not to mention opportunities. An increasingly important aspect of business expansion is adding blog posts to a company’s website, strengthening their overall[…]

How to write effective blogs

Okay, so obviously this blog seems a little counterintuitive. We’re a company whose sole responsibility is to write effective blogs and direct more traffic to your site through those blogs. So shouldn’t blog posts always be a good option? No. Blogs are not always what you should be doing. Why? We’ll cover that now… When[…]

How Marketing is Evolving

Some estimates state that twenty years ago, there were some 10,000 websites, and only two million computers connected to the internet. Marketing mostly focused on direct mail, TV ads, and press campaigns. While you still have to be able to write well enough to get your point across, and while a picture still says a[…]

New Marketing Trends

Marketing has continuously changed over the years. With various technological improvements, and different ways through which the end message can reach the customers, it seems as though no method of marketing can remain in the public domain without quickly becoming obsolete. So, looking to the future, what are the most popular and innovative methods of[…]

Why Google Can’t be Stopped

A company with an established worth of around $527 billion, and subsidiaries pushing 200, Google and its formal parent company, Alphabet, Inc., have reinvented the way that we see and use technology forever. We all know their power and their success, but what are the key factors behind what they do and how did they[…]