Blogging: How to Connect with Your Readers

Blogging is all about communication, and since this new platform has emerged, writers have been fighting to connect with audiences. Although trends come and go, there are a few core principles that attract readers to thriving blogs. It shouldn’t surprise you that most of these points involve content management. Be Human Voice isn’t quite everything[…]

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How to Choose a Great Pic for Your Blog

Blog pics draw traffic, improve retention, and improve SEO. They can also get you into trouble, though. Using copyrighted articles, for instance, is a good way to land in hot water. Even if the image’s owner doesn’t pursue legal reparations, it’s pretty easy for them to turn your readership against you. Choosing poor-quality or unconnected[…]

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5 Signs Your Blog is Missing Your Target Audience

Having an attractive website and optimized on-page content will not lead to paying customers if you are failing to engage your target audience. Have you spent a lot of time and money building ways to market your business, but wondered why you aren’t gaining sales? If this is a question you have recently asked yourself,[…]

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Is the Chance of Your Blog Going Viral Worth Being Labeled Click-bait?

“Going viral” is the going phrase. Everyone from wannabe celebrities to health gurus to marketing execs to mommy bloggers dreams of going viral. One great viral post can pay for itself. The ad revenue from one viral video on YouTube could be a game-changer for an up-and-coming business. The rewards seem endless. On the other[…]