How Video Marketing Benefits Your Bottom Line

Video marketing is becoming increasingly common, as the technology to make it becomes more and more accessible. Today, high quality videos can be produced for a fraction of what they used to cost. Some businesses are still hesitant to embrace video marketing as the major resource it is. Both product and service videos increase conversion[…]

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Predicting Marketing Trends for 2017

This year we saw marketing trends in content personalization, visual content, interactive content, influencer marketing, and mobile-first content marketing, to name a few.  So, what’s in store for the marketing world in 2017?  We don’t have a crystal ball, but here’s what we project. Visual Content  The majority of people today, prefer looking at colorful[…]

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about results. When you pay for an advertising campaign, you’re taking a gamble. No matter how much you research and plan, you cannot know how successful the campaign will ultimately turn out. You can’t know for sure if you’ll make back your initial investment, let alone a profit. Affiliate marketing works[…]

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How to Reboot Your Web Presence in the New Year

As the end of 2016 looms near, now is the time to take a look and see what you can do to reboot your site to keep (or get) your web presence firmly established and engaging in the New Year.  Make it your New Year’s Resolution to refresh and revitalize your website, but don’t wait[…]

Five Reasons Why List Blogs Will Always Work

List blogs are not a new, trendy blog concept. They have been around as long as blogs have and they will remain one of the vital components to a successful blog. Why? They deliver quick, easy to skim content that is easily digestible. Additionally, it is simply human nature for people to like things organized.[…]

Why location is everything – for you, your business, and your clients

People love to trust their neighborhood business. In business, you want to build a relationship with your clients often based on trust. However, what if you’re not their neighborhood business? What if you’re across the country? Location is everything. Clients and potential clients want access to you, and even if they don’t use it they[…]