Why Your Company Should be Mobile

With a completely new marketplace being established for smart phones, watches, and tablets, the amount of business being conducted at your fingertips is absolutely astonishing. Take, for example, the Square. You’ve undoubtedly seen it before – that little white block that people plug into their phones that allows you to pay for a good or[…]

How to Build Your Assets

In a world of consumption and continuous innovation, it seems like money and assets are always expended, yet never saved. To build your assets, you must have a slight sense of tunnel vision – a perfect way to block out unnecessary buys and keep your eyes on what truly matters.  However, that’s almost always easier[…]

How to Set Expectations With New Clients

So much time and effort goes into business development and gaining new clients…why throw that away with false expectations coming from both parties? Setting and managing expectations is one of the most important aspects of developing a healthy relationship with clients. That brings us to this question: How do you manage your clients’ expectations while[…]